Watch: Killer Mike raps in defense of elder rights on 'South Park' Central

Killer Mike, one half of the critically acclaimed hip hop duo Run The Jewels appeared in a montage (watch here) on the most recent episode of South Park.  The rights of the elderly are the cause being rapped about here by Killer Mike, who over recent years has been a leading voice in bringing awareness to social issues such as police brutality, racial relations and other political causes. 

South Park creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone are no strangers to social activism themselves. Over the course of its 21 seasons, South Park has evolved into a satirical take on everyday social issues that plague our society, while shedding light on how hilarious our respective personalities and quirks truly are. Along with the success of South Park, the comedy duo has also prospered in the world of musical theatre, winning multiple Tony Awards as well as a Grammy Award for The Book of Mormon.

It's not surprising to find the combination of Killer Mike and the South Park creators at the forefront of our nation's social and political concerns while creatively introducing them to pockets of our society that would otherwise have never paid attention.