Watch King Lion Miguel's new music video for 'A Girl Like You'
IMCG Productions/YouTube

Reggae fans can discover a new artist with the release of King Lion Miguel's new music video for his single "A Girl Like You." You can watch the video now by playing the video above.

"A Girl Like You" is the first single from King Lion Miguel's upcoming album Solitary Lion, which is expected to be released sometime in February 2018. While it's not yet available on iTunes or otherwise for download, the music video will be of interest to anyone who enjoys reggae music or is looking to broaden their musical horizons. That's because King Lion Miguel is as global an artist as they come.

According to his press release, King Lion Miguel hails from Cameroon and is currently based in China. He also speaks three languages - English, Mandarin Chinese, and French - and the release of his music video coincides with his first ever trip to the United States. He's an artist who has literally traveled the world and been influenced by several different cultures, and now his music has reached American audiences.

What sets him apart from other artists in his genre? The "A Girl Like You" video shows why King Lion Miguel is worth keeping an eye on. His vocal performance hooks the viewer with a warmth and earnestness, while the video itself is not just a visual representation of the song, but also tells a story about the titular girl and why the audience should care about her. It's clear from the video that King Lion Miguel not only has musical talent, but understands the performance and entertainment aspect of music as well. If this is his album's debut single, one wonders what other interesting stories he will be able to tell on his complete album, especially with the various influences he has through his travels.

While King Lion Miguel has not announced any upcoming live performance dates, perhaps with the release of his album in the spring, music fans will get a chance to see him live. For now, this music video will definitely leave viewers wanting more of this still up and coming artist.

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