Watch: Kurt Vile gets trippy in the forest with music video for ‘One Trick Ponies’
Kurt Vile/Vevo

Lofi indie-rock guitarist and singer Kurt Vile has had fun in the past when inviting fans and viewers to his hometown of Philadelphia for the themes in his typically entertaining music videos. In his new visual accompaniment to “One Trick Ponies” however, Vile ditches the city for a day in the forest after what feels like downing a bag full of magical mushrooms, visually speaking.

The video and new single were shared on Thursday morning, a little over a week ahead of his next studio album, Bottle It In, which is scheduled to arrive on Oct. 12. “One Trick Ponies” follows the previously shared "Loading Zones" and "Bassackwards" and the third single from the album, and takes the listener back into the easygoing atmosphere where Vile and his trademark sound have existed since he parted ways with The War on Drugs back around 2008. “One Trick Ponies” was produced by Rob Schnapf, whose past projects include Tokyo Police Club’s Champ (2010), The VinesHighly Evolved (2002) and Beck’s 1994 debut, Mellow Gold.

The camera’s focus is slightly off throughout the 5:28 minute run time. From start to finish, Vile and his team depict a visual experience similar to that of some weirdly fun psychedelic experience with the editing style of older, reel-based video projectors. Attempting to follow along to the captioning at the bottom of the screen can be equally as difficult considering every letter used to spell out the lyrics comes in a different color. The moral of the story here kids is that if you’re going to take psychedelics in the middle of a picturesque woodland setting, use a more uniform colored font, and try to invite Kurt to come along.

Vile and his band The Violators will tour across much of Europe and The U.K. following Bottle It In’s release next week starting on Oct. 12 in Hamburg, Germany. The international trek will continue until Nov. 15, followed by their return to North America for a recently announced run of concerts throughout November and December, and continuing into 2019. Tickets for select shows on the tour are on sale now and can be purchased by clicking here.