Watch: Kurt Vile shares video for new single, ‘Loading Zones’
Kurt Vile/YouTube

If you’re Kurt Vile, you park for free, or at least that’s the way the rock guitarist and singer lives his life in his new music video for “Loading Zones.” The song was shared on Thursday morning, and carries that relaxed trademark Kurt Vile sound and texture as the Philadelphia musician seems to be easing into a new album cycle with his first new solo track since his B'lieve I'm Goin Down… the album arrived back in September of 2015.

“Loading Zones” can be heard in full in its equally entertaining music video seen above. Vile, in all of his lo-fi indie rock style, carelessly drives around what appears to be his native Philadelphia while picking up the attention of some over-eager traffic cops. The relaxed attitude of our hero in the video certainly matches the equally confident lyrics heard throughout his new track with lyrics such as, “I park for free / One-stop shop life for the quick fix / Before you get a ticket / That’s the way I live my life.” The video also acts as a tutorial for young drivers with unkempt hair, where if you sign a parking ticket away as a gift to your “biggest fan,” the cop may not be happy about it, especially if said meter maids are also actor Kevin Corrigan and Pissed Jeans singer Matt Korvette.

The new single seems to be the lead track for Vile’s upcoming solo album, which has yet to be officially announced or detailed. His last project came last year when he teamed up with Courtney Barnett for their collaborative Lotta Sea Lice album. Vile did recently announce a run of North American tour dates set for this fall, which are scheduled to begin on Nov. 24 in Boston. Fans should presume the new single to go with said fall concert dates means that a new album and more fresh tunes are on their way.

Park wherever you’d like Mr. Vile, just brings some new music with ya upon your arrival.