Watch: Lady Gaga shares music video for 'Look What I Found' from 'A Star Is Born' soundtrack
Lady Gaga YouTube

Lady Gaga dropped a new music video for “Look What I Found” from the “A Star Is Born” soundtrack earlier today (Oct. 8). The video follows the previously reported opening-weekend box office success for “A Star Is Born” and several audio videos posted in conjunction with the movie’s Oct. 5 release, including one for Gaga's “I’ll Never Love Again” power ballad.

The “Look What I Found” video is similar to the “Shallow” music video, which dropped on Sept. 27, in that it contains a montage of director-writer-actor Bradley Cooper’s character Jackson Maine and Gaga’s character Ally’s life-altering romance. This track is notably upbeat, both in tempo and in its lyrics. In the video, Gaga/Ally pounds the snappy rhythm out on the piano in the recording studio as Cooper/Jackson sits beside her and listens to her sing about a shiny new love in his headphones.

She sings in the chorus, “I can’t get back up on my feet/See the lights on the street like stars/But look what I found/Look what I found/Another piece of my heart/Just layin’ on the ground.”

“Look What I Found” is co-written by Lady Gaga, Mark Nilan Jr., Nick Monson, Paul DJWS Blair, Lukas Nelson (who plays guitar as part of Jackson Maine’s band in the film) and Aaron Raitiere. The soundtrack was officially released the same day as the film, and Bradley Cooper has already made his Billboard music chart debut with his Gaga duet on “Shallow,” which dropped on Sept. 27, the same day as its video.

Both Gaga and Cooper have been heavily promoting the film in several press outlets. Gaga most recently guested on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” and gave an extensive, candid interview in which she praised her director and co-star, talked about Barbra Streisand’s reaction to the film (who starred in the 1976 version with Kris Kristofferson) and even jumped into the Brett Kavanaugh fray.

The “A Star Is Born” soundtrack is currently available to stream and purchase on all digital platforms. The movie is already garnering strong early Oscar buzz.

Watch the entire ‘Look What I Found” video above and stay tuned to AXS for Lady Gaga and “A Star Is Born” updates.