Watch: Liam Gallagher handles tough interrogation questions from children

Ever wonder how Oasis’ hilariously outspoken former frontman Liam Gallagher deals with his anger management issues? You’re not alone! The British rock singer recently sat down to answer that very question along with other important inquiries, which were asked by a handful of cute kids brought in by the gang over at Noisey.

The Q&A session, which can be watched in full via the video above, also included Gallagher revealing his favorite Disney movie, whether or not he’s rewarded with sweets following a good performance, what his favorite fart is, if he’s ever met “big Shaq” and of course, what he thinks about his guitar-playing brother Noel. The Video’s posting to YouTube on Monday follows a week where British music publication NME published a new interview with the Britpop singer where he admitted that his apparent truce with brother Noel back in December of last year was more of a stunt for their mother rather than an actual mending of the family fences.

“In my head [we called a truce],” the younger Gallagher said about the tweets he shared back around the holidays. “‘Cos it’s Christmas innit and me mam’s always going, ‘Look, calm down,’ so I had a couple of drinks and thought, you know, I’ll put it out there. But it’s not happening, is it?”

Liam made musical headlines earlier in 2017, when he released his first ever studio album as a solo artist titled As You Were. The album would go on to reportedly set the U.K. record for the highest amount of vinyl sales in a week (16,000) in more than two decades following its Oct. 6 release. Liam’s big brother and current adversary would also release his own new studio album just over a month later with Who Built the Moon? While Liam’s performance plans have come to an end on this album cycle, Noel and his band continue to tour, with North American, European and U.K. concerts scheduled to keep him busy until mid-spring.