Watch: Logic goes to Japan in video for surprise new song 'Overnight'
Visionary Music Group

Hip hop star Logic is stepping out with a surprise music video in 2018 entitled “Overnight.” On the heels of his number one Billboard release “Everybody,” the vibe of “Overnight” delivers a solid hip hop groove that captures Logic’s high energy and style as a contemporary influencer. He get it across through the lyrics that his success did not come overnight.

The intro of the video starts with a message from Logic to his fans. He shares that the idea for the video came to him on the fly while traveling to Japan and Hawaii.The video then opens up to a pool scene with Logic swaying in a hammock in Maui. It  transitions to Logic walking through the streets of Tokyo wearing a martial arts jacket. “Overnight” features Logic rapping, dancing and making martial arts moves through the colorful streets of Tokyo while interacting with people among the lights and scenery. He even gets a tattoo at one point in the video.