Watch: Love conquers all in David Guetta and Justin Bieber's '2U' music video
David Guetta/YouTube

Fans have been eagerly waiting for David Guetta and Justin Bieber to drop a proper music video for their smash summer hit, "2U," and they've finally answered the call. The superstar DJ and singer have premiered the love-wrenching video, and trippy vibes ensue.

The clip follows the story of a couple in the midst of an argument at a diner. Through several outcomes - including a zombie-like world, a vintage dance-off and a cartoon depiction - the couple is able to work through their differences and make up by the video's end. Check out the new video above.

"The song perfectly captures the emotional phenomenon of loving someone to the point where there’s nothing you wouldn’t do for them," Guetta and Bieber said in a joint press release for the video. "We thought it would be great to embrace this idea, being as it’s one of our most beloved cultural clichés, and repeat it over and over again to try to see if through repetition a new perspective, a new deconstruction, could happen."

"2U" quickly climbed the charts upon its release in June. It peaked at No. 16 on the Billboard Hot 100 in July and at No. 5 on the UK Singles Chart. The song was initially released with an accompanying music video featuring the Victoria's Secret Angels lip-syncing the song during a rooftop shoot.