Watch: Lucy Dacus, Julien Baker and Phoebe Bridgers make television debut as boygenius
Seth Meyers/Youtube

Guitarists and singers Lucy Dacus, Julien Baker and Phoebe Bridgers are all enjoying plenty of buzz within the indie rock realm, as the three songwriters made their collaborative television debut on Monday under their freshly launched boygenius banner. The three musicians released their six-song EP back on Oct. 26, to which media outlets like Pitchfork praised thanks to their three “distinct musical styles” heard throughout. For their national television debut on “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” the band chose to perform “Me & My Dog,” which can be watched and heard in the video above.

The supergroup opens up the warm and melodically rich track as they emerge out of the darkened stage. Bridgers is seen stepping up to the microphone while strumming away on her black Danelectro guitar and immediately pulls the listener right into her optimistic opening lines, “We had a great day, even though we forgot to eat, and you had a bad dream.” Bridgers' nearly perfect vocals are accompanied by the enjoyable harmonies provided by Baker and Dacus, along with the relaxing tones of a violin being played by their backing bandmate.

Bridgers can even be seen attempting to sing through a partially hidden smile that begins to poke its head out shortly after the other two join in while building up to the first chorus. It’s clear that the smile isn’t necessarily a reflection of how well Bridgers thinks their performance sounds - the performance is wonderful - but rather that smile of reassurance that we all feel when we’re no longer alone. All three performers began their careers as lone wolves, solely in charge of leading their own bands on their own adventures. They now find themselves sisters in this journey through the historically male-dominated industry (and genre) and are able to inspire and lift one another musically at any moment. You can almost see the exact moment of happiness realized in Bridgers’ blocked smile as she attempts to continue singing alongside her new bandmates as they build to its incredible climax. Well done ladies.

Boygenius kicked off their North American fall tour on Sunday night in Nashville and will set up shop for two nights in Brooklyn tonight (Tuesday) and tomorrow before continuing their trek throughout the rest of the months. Tickets for select shows on their fall tour are still available in some cities and can be purchased by clicking here.