Watch: Maddie Poppe discusses confidence and perfectionism at the Proactiv Patio Sessions

"There have definitely been times when I've been tested on who I truly am," Maddie Poppe tells AXS. "I only do what makes me happy and I think that's kind of the key to staying true to yourself." The "American Idol" winner followed her truth to the recent Proactiv Patio Sessions, where she performed an exclusive acoustic set, met fans, and discussed her rapid rise to fame on the AXS rooftop in downtown LA. 

The artist, who went from busking on street corners to appearing on TVs around the world, described her career trajectory and how Kelly Clarkson helped her overcome her need to be perfect. She also talked about the value of a skincare regimen and her love of the Proactiv product line. 

"One thing that I hope happens is that I'm always happy," she says. "I hope that I'm constantly happy and being true to myself and doing what I love." Check out the interview about to learn more about Poppe's happiness philosophy.