Watch: Mandy Patinkin gives Shawn Mendes dating advice, sings 'Stitches' in Yiddish
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Tony Award-winning actor and self-professed Shawn Mendes “aficionado” Mandy Patinkin gave the Canadian music heartthrob some sage dating advice during his June 5 visit to “The Late Late Show with James Corden.” He also proved his prowess about Mendes’ song catalog by singing “Stitches” in Yiddish.

Shawn Mendes kicked off a week-long residency at “The Late Late Show” on Monday, June 4 with a fun Carpool Karaoke segment. Host James Corden took an opportunity last night to compliment the charismatic 19-year-old singer-songwriter on the success of his chart-topping eponymous album. They discussed the eclectic nature of the tracks, which represent multiple genres. When Corden asked Patinkin if he’s familiar with Mendes’ music he surprised everyone by saying yes. In fact, he considers himself “an aficionado” of his music.

Mendes was visibly impressed when “The Princess Bride” star revealed he’s studied his music and knows Shawn, like Irving Berlin, “wrote his songs first in Yiddish then in English.” He proved his knowledge by singing Mendes’ breakout hit “Stitches” in Yiddish. It was amazing.

Corden eventually steered the conversation around to dating and Mendes told Corden he has never been set up on a date. Corden joked he doesn’t need to be, because “he’s Shawn Mendes.” Patinkin, who has been married to his wife for decades, piped in with some wonderful words of wisdom.

“I think he needs to meet someone who’s never heard of Shawn Mendes,” the “Homeland” star said. He looked directly at the “Nervous” singer when he added, “I think that’ll be Miss Right. The minute she says, ‘I never heard of you,’ give her a ring and marry her.”

Pantinkin certainly knows a lot about finding the person, as he and his wife Kathryn Grody, married in 1980, after a year of dating, and are still together. Corden asked if it was “love at first sight” and Patinkin enthusiastically replied, “It was absolutely love at first sight.” He went on to relay a sweet story about how he and his wife met while working on a play. He fell “instantly” in love but waited till the play was over to ask her out and brought her yellow button mums on their first date.

He further advised anyone just starting out, including a captivated Mendes, to buy “cheap flowers” (for their affordability over a long time). Mendes listened to Patinkin’s romantic tale and shook his head in amazement. Who wouldn't love to get that kind of a bouquet from a pop superstar? (Watch their entire exchange above and Mandy's impressive Yiddish rendition of "Stiches" below).

Mendes’ “Late Late Show” residency follows his inspirational performance with Khalid at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards last month. The pair took a musical stand against gun violence as they were joined by the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School choir. The moving and emotional performance made the AXS list of 5 greatest moments from the star-studded ceremony, which was held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Shawn Mendes is currently touring to support his album. Click here to see a list of tour dates and venues.