Watch: Matthew De Ver looks for 'Water In The Well' in new video
Marvel Universe LIVE/YouTube

Take the plunge with Matthew De Ver's new music video. The singer and songwriter has released a video for his poignant song "Water In The Well" and it's a video that will stick with audiences for a while. Play the video above to watch it for yourself and get swept up in a stunning video.

In an exclusive email statement to AXS, De Ver describes "Water In The Well" as "an exploration of attraction between people, and unconsciously being attracted to each other's pain. How we put up walls to protect ourselves, and how we fall for people with wounds that are familiar to us."

That certainly comes through in the video. Given the title of the song, it's no surprise that there's plenty of water-related visuals. But that imagery is also used as a metaphor to illustrate the way people deal with the rising tide of attraction and can be drowned in each other's difficulties. Like the ocean, a relationship has highs and lows, and that's an idea that De Ver spells out beautifully without getting too complicated or too ambitious.

The video is its own storybook, which is fitting given that the New York-based artist is the son of legendary author Shel Silverstein. He has clearly inherited the instincts to tell a good story, and the creativity to tell it in a multi-layered way. He's come up with a way to clearly illustrate something that is intangible and sometimes downright hard to even figure out. Yet as "Water In The Well" gives us many shots of crashing waves and rescinding tide, it paints a picture that makes the complicated surprisingly clear and moving.

The song is the follow-up to De Ver's previous single "The Gift and the Wound", which he released in February. Per his official biography, both songs will be on his upcoming album entitled Surface Tension (A Tincture for Integrating Shadow). Based on what's seen and heard in this video, that debut record will be one to dive into when it arrives later this year.

Matthew De Ver does not currently have any tour dates to coincide with the release of his new music video,  but music fans can keep abreast of upcoming tour announcements on his Facebook page. He can also be found on Twitter and Instagram.

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