Watch: Mau y Ricky get familiar with Manuel Turizo & Camilo in 'Desconocidos' music video
Mau y Ricky / YouTube

Venezuelan-born duo Mau y Ricky premiered the music video for "Desconocidos" on Oct. 11. They teamed up with Colombian singer Manuel Turizo and frequent collaborator Camilo.

"Desconocidos" (Unfamiliar Ones) is the latest single by Mau y Ricky. The Montaner brothers are having a breakthrough year with their last collaboration "Ya No Tiene Novio" (Don't Have a Boyfriend Anymore) featuring Sebastián Yatra scaling music charts around the world. The two hope to keep the momentum going with Turizo and Camilo Echeverry on "Desconocidos." Working with Manuel means also working with his brother, ukulele player Julián Turizo. Camilo usually co-writes with Mau y Ricky and now he's front-and-center.

All the acts had a hand in writing "Desconocidos." A bouncy reggaeton beat and Julián's refreshing ukulele back the guys as they take turns shooting their shot with some ladies. Manuel's deep voice beautifully blends with Mau y Ricky's sultry voices while Camilo brings another dimension to the collaboration with his distinctly delicate touch. If you haven't already gotten familiar with Mau y Ricky, "Desconocidos" might be the inviting love song to win you over.

The music video for "Desconocidos" plays out like the song suggests with Mau y Ricky, Manuel and Julián Turizo and Camilo going on blind dates and trying to convince the ladies on the other side of the table that they're the ones. It's now available on iTunes and Apple Music.