Watch: Michelle Obama helps to introduce Common for inspiring performance on ‘Colbert’

Comedian Stephen Colbert welcomed a pair of very popular guests to “The Late Show” on Friday night. The popular late-night television show welcomed former First Lady Michelle Obama, who has been busy with her own headlining arena tour in promotion of her new book, “Becoming.” While Obama and Colbert had their own conversation during the show, the artistic highlight of the episode was of course when Michelle and Colbert helped introduce the night’s musical guest, Common.

Common wasn’t on the show to promote any unique album or project he’d been working on, as the two songs he performed, “The Day Women Took Over” and “Glory,” aren’t really new. The two songs do however reference some of the women who inspire the popular singer, with one of whom is Mrs. Obama herself in addition to Oprah and Rosa [Parks], as mentioned in the lyrics to “The Day Women Took Over” from his 2016 Black America Again LP.

The performance from Friday’s show can be watched in full above, and starts with Common beginning the song with a quick spoken word piece as his band begins playing the opening lines.

“Our last election, we just had a lot of women get elected,” Common says into the microphone to start the song with a confident smile on his face. “Imagine if we had more women in power.”

The entire performance weaves in and out of the two different songs, while Common is joined by a pair of fantastic backup singers who handle the chorus lines to his 2014 Grammy and Oscar-winning inspirational single. The performance comes to a climactic end with one of Common’s female singers unleashing a rainbow of melody and power while belting out the final notes of the song. Needless to say, folks in attendance picked a good night to experience a television show in person.