Watch Migos and 2 Chainz's awe-inspiring video for 'Deadz'
Migos ATL

On Feb. 23, Atlanta-hailing rap group Migos released a music video for “Deadz,” their new collaboration with 2 Chainz, and it is glorious. Co-directed by Migos and their frequent music video director Daps, “Deadz” opens with a sweeping shot of an orchestra tuning up in front of a palatial estate while white smoke billows inexplicably through the air. The action quickly shifts inside the mansion where Quavo, Takeoff and Offset flaunt their grills, count massive stacks of currency and implicitly consume gallons of Royal Elite Vodka.

It’s at this point that things get a little surreal. A group of men wearing jewel-encrusted ski masks carry a set of coffins into the mansion’s chapel wherein it is revealed that they contain the bodies of U.S. Presidents Lincoln and Washington, as well as President of Pennsylvania Benjamin Franklin. The trio then proceeds to make it rain dead presidents of the dead presidents, an act of debauchery so brazen, it causes the founding fathers to come back to life.  “Deadz” is truly a music video that needs to be seen to be believed.