Watch: Migos releases full video for 'Position to Win,' Mountain Dew ad

The Migos are definitely hip-hop's most dominant collective in the culture as of right now. But, with so much new music on the horizon, things can change within a matter of minutes. However, that hasn't stopped the Migos from collaborating with Mountain Dew on multiple occasions to promote their line of soft drinks through a series of visual ads.

In Mountain Dew's latest commercial MMA fighter Holly Holm, NBA center Joel Embiid, extreme sports enthusiasts, and others are accompanied by the musical stylings of the Migos. The trio of trap rappers can be seen riding gold tricycles, sporting their customary gaudy jewelry, and rapping their verses to a song entitled "Position To Win" in an elegant ballroom. With the success of the Migos x Mountain Dew ad coming to manifestation, the group and Quality Control Music have officially used the commercial as a means to promote new music by the artists as the full audio for "Position To Win" was recently released. 

The song features a complex and concentrated amount of synth pads mimicking the mainstream sound of today's electronic dance music while Atlanta-influenced drum pattern and low-end heavy 808 bassline keep the instrumentation in check. All three of the Migos perform as expected, remaining in the pocket on the beat with their unique flows while spitting cocky, motivational bars. 

For those of you in the Los Angeles area hoping to see the trap rap group live you can do so this summer, June 22, when the Migos alongside their Quality Control Music labelmates, Cardi B, Lil Baby, and more, hit the Staples Center. Tickets for the one-time event can be found, here. The full audio for "Position To Win" by the Migos can be heard in the video provided below, while the Migos x Mountain Dew commercial can be viewed in the video link provided above. 

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