Watch Missy Elliot's out of this world video for new song 'I'm Better'
Missy Elliott via Youtube

Rapper Missy Elliott surprised fans by releasing a new music video today, Jan. 27, for her latest single "I'm Better." The clip, directed by Elliott and Dave Meyers, takes place in a Sci-fi like setting with dancers in futuristic outfits pulling off impressive choreography. The setting then switches to a weird underwater setting with the dancers doing their thing on exercise balls. It's colorful, vibrant, and a throwback to the Hype Williams era of rap videos. Watch the odd clip for yourself above.

Along with the new video, the rapper released a teaser for a new upcoming documentary. The clip features various admirers giving her praise and adulation. The documentary is set to release sometime later this year. 

Since 2015 Missy Elliott's been working on a new album. She released the new track "Pep Rally" last year and "WTF (Where They From)" in 2015 with Pharrell Williams. As of late, she's been featured on a number of collaborations. She worked on the new cover of the "Ghostbusters" theme song with Fall Out Boy and teamed up with other female artists for the pro-women track "This is For My Girls." This year, Elliott is set to make a guest appearance on the Fox show "Star" by Lee Daniels and Tom Donaghy. The rapper's last full-length albums was 2005's The Cookbook.