Watch: Molly Kruse gets sentimental with 'Come Back To Me' video
Molly Kruse/YouTube

Up and coming pop artist Molly Kruse is hoping music fans will give her a second listen with the music video for her latest single "Come Back To Me." Watch the video by playing the video above.

Born in Berkeley and currently residing in Los Angeles, Kruse originally studied Theatre and Sociology at Indiana University, according to her official biography. Yet she decided to step away from acting to pursue her true passion for music, becoming a singer and songwriter. She's continuing to develop both her voice and her identity as an artist, which comes through in this latest music video.

Countless pop artists have written songs about longing and wanting to reconnect with someone that they care about. It's one of the most common themes in music. But Kruse tries to put a different spin on it, both musically and visually. Her sound has elements of jazz and Americana in it, while the video comes with a certain amount of throwback style. Scenes of the singer with her love interest are interspersed with Kruse singing directly to a camera, as if pleading directly with the listener rather than just pining for a third party. Does she get the reunion she's hoping for? Watch the video and find out.

It's a no-frills video for a simple story, and that suits Kruse as she continues to find an audience. She's connecting directly with the listener, making them feel as if they're part of the story rather than just listening to the song. She's created a video that's easily accessible to pop fans, and that will leave audiences wondering what happens next, both for the character she plays here and for the artist herself. Based on this, listeners will certainly come back for more.

"Come Back To Me" hails from Kruse's debut EP, also entitled Molly Kruse, which is now available on iTunes. The EP also contains her previous single "Ruby" as well as three other songs.

Kruse has two upcoming live performances in support of the EP, both in the Los Angeles, California area: one at The Mint on Aug. 23, and one at Bar Lubitsch on Sept. 22. More information on her tour dates is available here. For more upcoming events at The Mint, visit the AXS venue page.

For more on Molly Kruse, visit her official website.