Watch: Muse fight off gremlins with Terry Crews in video for new single, ‘Pressure’

The last time fans caught up with prog-rock outfit Muse, they were rediscovering the retro sci-fi world similar to that of “TRON” in their music video for “The Dark Side,” the lead single from their upcoming eighth studio album, Simulation Theory. On Thursday the band shared their new music video for “Pressure,” the second single set to appear on the album. With the help of actor and enthusiastic high school employee Terry Crews, Muse plays the house band for a homecoming dance where they perform the new song. Singer/guitarist Matt Bellamy can even be seen playing a bright red Gibson hollow-body guitar in hopes of somewhat recreating the famous high school dance scene from “Back To The Future.”

The new video can be watched in full above and starts out by mostly featuring Muse performing the song in front of a high school dance in serious need of some action. Two foolish students go on to ditch the dance and accidentally trigger some kind of scientific malfunction within the chemistry lab leads to a small, beast-like animal attacking students and staff. Thankfully Terry Crews is in attendance, and the actor ditches his shirt and tie for a muscle-friendly tank-top and “Ghostbuster” gun in hopes of sending the evil little gremlin back into oblivion. Unfortunately, the night doesn’t come with some unintended consequences with some of the bitten students turning into possessed monsters themselves. The video cuts out mid-interview, leading fans to assume that the next part of the story will be unveiled with the arrival of the next single.

Muse revealed the track listing and release date for the album to go with the general announcement back in late August, but they have yet to announce any touring plans. With the strong overall retro sci-fi theme seen in the album artwork as well as their first two videos on this cycle, fans should also assume that their live show and stage production could mirror some kind of futuristic setting.