Watch: Natalie Portman performs 'Wrapped Up' by Sia in stunning 'Vox Lux' movie trailer
Neon YouTube

Natalie Portman delivers a breathtaking performance of “Wrapped Up” by Sia in the new trailer for her upcoming film “Vox Lux.” The Oscar-winning actress stands center stage in full pop superstar glam ala Lady Gaga and powers through the lyrics while looking up at the ceiling.

The enthralling new trailer coincides with the announcement of the movie’s Dec. 14 soundtrack release date. Per the clip’s YouTube caption, Portman also performs “Wrapped Up” on the soundtrack, which features original songs by Aussie singer-songwriter Sia.

“Vox Lux” features Portman as Celeste, a troubled, thirty-something pop star whose backstory is briefly revealed is the teaser when young Celeste Montgomery (Raffey Cassidy) sings at a classmate’s funeral. Flash forward to Portman as adult Celeste standing under the spotlight wearing a spacey, eccentric costume and dramatic makeup. She’s singing the same song, which must be one of her signature songs.

A brief Rolling Stone review comment also flashes on the screen declaring, “prepare to be wowed” as a montage of moments rolls by, against Portman’s vocal backdrop.

Directed by Brady Corbet and distributed through Neon films, “Vox Lux” is scheduled to hit theaters in Los Angeles and New York on Dec. 7, with a widespread theatrical release on Dec. 14. Jude Law is billed as The Manager, Willem Dafoe as The Narrator and Raffey Cassidy plays a dual role as young Celeste and later as adult Celeste’s daughter Albertine.

Sia co-wrote “Wrapped Up” with Greg Kurstin for the upcoming soundtrack. She also served as an executive producer on the movie “allowing her music to influence the film’s dynamics,” per Billboard.

Natalie Portman gave an extraordinary, Oscar-winning performance as a troubled ballet dancer in “Black Swans.” The dark tone of the “Vox Lux” trailer suggests Portman could be digging deep again for this performance. In a “Variety” interview about her upcoming role, Portman said she studied a lot of pop star documentaries to familiarize herself with what a music artist’s life is like, including Lady Gaga’s “Five Foot Two.”

Gaga is garnering massive Oscar and Grammy buzz for her feature film debut performance as Ally in “A Star Is Born” opposite the film’s co-star, co-writer and director, Bradley Cooper. She has already won “Best Actress of the Year” from the National Board of Review and other critics’ nominations are pending.

Watch Natalie Portman’s “Wrapped Up” performance in the “Vox Lux” teaser above.