Watch: Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats honor their mothers in new video
Nathaniel Rateliff/Vevo

Mothers are very, very special. Anyone who has been brought into this world by the strength and resilience of their mom must acknowledge the lifelong debt to which he or she owes the women who sacrifice a whole lot to make sure our lives are filled with joy and opportunity. Nathaniel Rateliff even wrote a song about his own mother, which is fittingly titled “Hey Mama,” and is one of the featured tracks found on the singer’s latest album, Tearing at the Seams. As Mother’s Day is set to arrive on the calendar this coming Sunday, Rateliff and his Night Sweats have shared the new video for “Hey Mama,” which can be watched in full above and features a pair of the band’s own moms.

The four-minute video highlights a hard-working day in the life of Sandy and Diane, the mothers of Rateliff and his Night Sweats bassist Joseph Pope III. As the two women are seen going into their respective jobs as a seamstress and a fry cook, old home videos of mothers and their children begin to take up the screen in what is definitely a heart-warming four minutes of tear-jerking family memories. The video was directed by Rateliff’s former bandmate Rett Rogers, according to Rolling Stone, and helped tell the story that Pope wasn’t too sure about sharing at first.

“I was reticent at first to ask our mothers to have such a prominent role in the video and wanted them to be aware of the potential scrutiny involved with making something so intimate as “a day in the life” so public in such a way,” Pope said in a statement shared to the band’s Facebook on Wednesday. “In the end, it made me feel much closer to my mother; you grow up within a family’s daily routines and are shaped and help shape them. Nathaniel and I moved away and we developed our separate lives. To see a day in the life of my mom in such a way, through her very eyes, is such an immense gift to me.”

The band kicked off their Tearing At The Seams North American Tour over the weekend in Florida, and will remain on the road well into the summer months with scheduled performances at New York’s Forest Hills Stadium on June 9, and two nights at Colorado’s Red Rocks Amphitheatre on Aug. 22-23. Tickets to select shows on the band’s summer tour are on sale now, and can be purchased by clicking here.