Watch: Nicki Minaj makes popular male rappers puppets in 'Barbie Dreams' music video
Nicki Minaj / YouTube

Nicki Minaj may have postponed her North American tour with Future until 2019, but that doesn't mean that fans won't hear from her in the meantime. Minaj just released a new video for "Barbie Dreams" and has blasted some fellow rap stars in the track.

The video opens with a spoof on The Muppet Show where a bad version of Kermit the Frog welcomes people to Barbie's dreams. DJ Khalid, Meek Mills, Lil Uzi and several other rappers appear on the track in colorful puppet form as Minaj playfully talks about each one reversing the classic hip-hop "I effed your girl" style. She takes command of the often male-dominated sexual prowess and bragging rights. Most of the time these guys have not actually had sex with the women they speak of, and we can assume the same is true for Minaj as she says "I'm just playing/but I'm sayin." Is this empowerment? It is certainly bold, typical of Minaj. The rest is for fans to decide, but it is certain that she tackles the paradigm like a pro. 

"Barbie Dreams" follows her recent videos "Ganja Nurn," ":FEFE," "Bed" with Ariana Grande, and "Chun-Li." Queen, which was announced for an early 2018 release, finally hit stores on Aug. 10. It hit number two on the Billboard 200 and is the first album by Minaj to not hit the top of the U.S. R&B and rap charts. 

As for the Nicki Minaj and Future NickiHndrxx Tour, Minaj took to Instagram last month to let fans know that she wasn't canceling any shows. However, since she did not finish her album when she thought she would, she will move the North American portion of the tour to after the European leg in 2019 to give her more time to practice and prepare.