Animated Paul Shaffer and Bill Murray.

Animated Paul Shaffer and Bill Murray.


Paul Shaffer and his group, The World’s Most Dangerous Band, have announced an eponymous LP, slated for release March 17. The studio effort is the former “Late Show with David Letterman’s” first solo album since 1989’s Coast to Coast. And who better to kick off a new project than Bill Murray. Really, Bill Murray is great for any occasion. According to Rolling Stone, Paul and Bill have a history going back to Murray’s Nick the Lounge Singer sketch on Saturday Night Live. So it’s no surprise that the two late night veterans teamed up for the first single and new video from Shaffer’s new album.

Directed by Jay Marks, the animated video for “Happy Street” sees Paul trying to catch up with Bill as he strolls about a city, as Murray is wont to do. For you Bill Murray fans, there are a lot of Easter eggs in the video. As Rolling Stone pointed out, there is a pharmacy called Venkman & Sons, a nod to Murray’s character in Ghostbusters. There is also a reference to the Murray flick “Meatballs.” The beer the barflies are drinking is called Tripper Pale Ale, homage to Murray’s character Tripper in the film. We also noticed a couple more.

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A would be bank robber brandishes his gun, when he shoots it there is a rodent of some kind on the flag that ends up shooting from the  barrel. Could be a nod to either “Caddy Shack” or “Groundhog Day,” you be the judge. There are also posters of the classic Murray flicks “Scrooged” and “Stripes.” Finally as the video comes to a conclusion, Murray marches behind balloons of an elephant and a bear, possibly references to “Operation Dumbo Drop” and “Jungle Book,” Murray voices Ballo the bear in the later. There could be more; let us know if you spot any. Check out the video for “Happy Street” below.