Watch: Pop-rap duo Jack & Jack are put to the test on Fuse’s ‘Lie Detector’

Fuse’s digital series that places music’s biggest names in the hot seat (literally strapping them in for a lie detector test) now puts Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky in the spotlight. Friends since childhood, these guys have been together through thick and thin. They grew up laughing at each other’s jokes, they’ve watched their popularity “Rise” from social media sensations to music superstars; they’re even about to release a new album, A Good Friend Is Nice, which is out on Jan. 11. But before that happens, Fuse brought the duo in to collaborate on a new experience completely out of their wheelhouse – their first-ever lie detector tests.

Nerves start to set in as Jack & Jack begin round one. Gilinsky kicks things off, allowing Johnson to ask some pretty real questions about their relationship. Johnson then straps in for his turn, laying all of his cards on the table.

In the end, after a tense two rounds in the chair, the boys prove that their friendship really is the one of a kind bond fans have always imagined. There may not be any more lie detector tests in the duo’s future, but as far as more music goes, all signs point to yes. 

You can get a look at the video up above. Visit for more.