Watch: Rudy in Concert composer Justin Freer talks memories of mentor and original conductor, Jerry Goldsmith

Justin Freer has been a fan of movie scores since he was young, and so for him to be able to work under one of the most famous composers in film score history, Jerry Goldsmith, was the best thing that could have ever happened to him. With Goldsmith's guidance and mentorship over the years, Freer was able to also become a great composer and now is the president and co-founder of CineConcerts—the company behind live experience concerts.

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CineConcerts puts on amazing shows—from Harry Potter to Gladiator. Just at the end of March, Freer is able to show his homage to his long-time mentor Goldsmith by conducting Rudy in Concert at Los Angeles' own Microsoft Theater. With a live score happening while the iconic sports film plays on a large projector—it's bound to be a memorable night as Freer shows Rudy fans a whole new experience. Grab tickets to the event right here on AXS and watch Freer discuss his memories of Goldsmith above.