Watch: Rush's Geddy Lee rocks out to Tool song

The collective of Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart, and frontman/bassist Geddy Lee makes up the longest running formation of the legendary rock band, Rush. Unfortunately, after over forty years in the music industry, Lifeson proclaimed the progressive rock collective disbanded in January 2018 according to Babblermouth.

Despite Rush no longer being an active musical act, that isn't taking away from the band's legacy as one of the most progressive and experimental band's of their generation. Rush has experimented with a plethora of different musical techniques and sounds from blues-inspired hard rock to synth-driven melodic-based projects to guitar-driven heavy metal, Rush has successfully rebranded their sound throughout their four-decade-long stint at the forefront of the rock genre.

Now, back in the limelight, Rush frontman, Geddy Lee, decided to sit down with good brothers and sisters of CBC Music for a session of their special segment, Jam or Not a Jam. Lee was given a track entitled "Schism" by alternative metal band, Tool (Tickets), to listen to. Surprisingly, Lee gave off the vibe as if he was unfamiliar with Tool's smash single as he almost instantaneously began to bob his head and state the following, 

"This is a jam already...This is one I want to turn up... I'm digging it. I don't remember who it was, but I've heard it before."

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Lee went on to declare Tool's "Schism" as an 'ultimate jam' while taking off the headphones with a pleasant, peaceful smile on his face. You can check out Geddy Lee's segment of Jam or Not a Jam with CBC Music in the video provided above. Be sure to stick with AXS for tickets to the hottest entertainers in concert, live shows, sporting events, festivals, and more.