Watch Satellite Citi’s powerful music video for 'Undead'
Satellite Citi /YouTube

Earlier this month, Los Angeles-based alt-rock band Satellite Citi released a new music video for their single “Undead” that carries a very timely and powerful message. The clip, which was directed by Powell Robinson & Patrick R Young, focuses on LGBT youth (Tonatiuh Elizarraraz) in a bad situation.

Living in their car as the result of being kicked out of their home by some horrifically hateful parents, the unnamed young person also finds themselves being the subject of harassment from some detestable locals. But instead of giving into despair, the queer teen finds salvation in the most unlikely of sources. Namely, an old school video game cabinet that possesses some highly unusual properties. Despite running just under four minutes long, the video takes the viewer on a satisfying emotional journey.

Satellite Citi was formed in 2015 when vocalist and drummer Anna Gevorkian and guitarist Shaunt Sulahian decided to collaborate. Together, the duo began making music that mixed heavy metal riffs with funk-rock rhythms in a way that is uncommonly compelling. As can be heard on “Undead,” the group’s work sounds like some unholy and wondrous fusion of Rush and Iron Maiden.  

Satellite Citi’s debut EP, Negative Space, is due out in Jan. 2018.