Watch: Sharon Van Etten shares intense new video for 'Comeback Kid'
Sharon Van Etten/YouTube

If you pause Sharon Van Etten’s brand new music video for “Comeback Kid” right at the 1:22 minute mark, you’re met with the nearly possessed look of the Jersey native turned indie-rock star in maybe her most animalistic element. The dangling bangs from her unkempt hair covers her left eye, leaving its solo right counterpart gazing directly into the camera with a devilish smirk as if to boldly say, I’m back. The darker lighting of the video’s set mixed in with shadowed projections hit Van Etten’s face hard, turning her skin even whiter in amazing contrast with the bold red lipstick she’s applied for the shoot. Her overall persona throughout the video presents her as some hedonistic mix between Alice Cooper and, as NPR puts it, Pat Benatar. So she’s got that going for her, which is indeed devilishly awesome.

Yes, Sharon Van Etten has shared the daring new music video for her comeback single, which she initially shared a few weeks ago back in early October. The video was directed by Jonathan William Turner, and perfectly showcases the more raw, unapologetic sound for which Etten may be attempting to reach with her new album cycle. Speaking of album, Etten has yet to reveal the next single from her forthcoming studio project, Remind Me Tomorrow, which is scheduled to arrive early next year on Jan. 18.

According to the veteran singer and actress, the single didn’t start out as an intense and electrifying audio experience.

"Believe it or not, 'Comeback Kid' started off as a piano ballad," Van Etten told NPR in a statement about the video. "It is talking about my young adult years when I returned home in my early 20s after having an early crisis. My family took me in with open arms, nursed me back to health.”

Etten will take the new track and more out on the road next year in celebration of her return to music on her Remind Me Tomorrow World Tour, which begins on Feb. 6 in Washington, DC. Tickets for select shows on the tour are on sale now and can be purchased by clicking here.