Watch: Shawn Mendes and James Corden pick Jimi Hendrix, Harry Styles for dream boy band
The Late Late Show with James Corden YouTube

Shawn Mendes closed out his wonderful and witty week-long residency on “The Late Late Show” by participating in a hilarious Twitter Q & A session (aka #AskLateLateShawn) with show host James Corden. Questions included whether they put the milk or cereal in the bowl first, if they could trade accents and if they had to create a boy band, who would be in it.

The “In My Blood” singer asked, “Dead or alive?” before tackling the task, to which Corden replied, “Whoever you want. Who’s your first pick?” Mendes didn’t hesitate when he kicked off the list with the late, great Jimi Hendrix. It was no surprise Corden chose his former “Late Late Show” resident and close friend Harry Styles (and Mendes quickly agreed). The Canadian heartthrob added Niall (Horan) and “Elvis” and Corden noted there was “space for one more,” nominating Mendes for the last slot in the group and naming himself as manager. What a potentially epic five-piece power pack.

Overall, Mendes brought a lot of unexpected laughs and some magical music performances to his week on “The Late Late Show.” He tried to revolutionize the “monologue” by introducing the “Shawnologue,” he got some heartfelt dating advice from Mandy Patinkin and he performed several tracks from his new, chart-topping self-titled album, including the U.S. TV debut of "Lost in Japan" and his wrap-up performance of his smoldering ballad, “Perfectly Wrong.”

Watch the entire Shawn Mendes and James Corden Twitter Q & A session in the video embedded above and his “Perfectly Wrong” performance below. Shawn Mendes is touring to support his album. Click here to purchase tickets to see him perform live.