Watch: Shawn Mendes tries to convince James Corden to let him do a 'Shawnologue'
The Late Late Show with James Corden YouTube

Shawn Mendes kicked off the second night of his week-long #LateLateShawn residency on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” last night by greeting the audience center stage and telling a political joke, in what appeared to be the opening monologue.  The audience laughed and Mendes was well on his way to doing a fantastic job until Corden abruptly interrupted his globally-adored guest.

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Anyone who knows how “possessive” James Corden can be about his prime place in the “limelight” (think “Crosswalk” musical segments), knew Mendes was in trouble the minute the Emmy-Award winning talk show host hurried out onto the stage and demanded, “Shawn! What is going on here?” A sweetly naïve Mendes told Corden he thought he could kick things off and tell some topical jokes like Corden does.

Corden quickly shut him down saying, “No, Shawn, no! I am thrilled that you are here all week, okay? But, the monologue is mine. You’re going to do a song every night. You helped me get to work yesterday in Carpool. You can do sketches. But this, right here, this is James time.”

The audience reeled with laughter and screams as the “Stitches” singer turned to them for support. He persisted in his attempt to convince Corden he could handle opening the show by suggesting, “I was thinking we could do a Shawnologue.” The audience obviously loved the idea, but, Corden disagreed, insisting “No, no, no. We are doing a Jamesologue.”

The pair bantered back and forth until Mendes made a final bid for his idea by pulling a remote out of his pocket, which, with a click, changed the talk show marquee behind them to read “The Late Late Shawn” instead of “The Late Late Show.” Watch their heated and hilarious discussion in the video embedded above.

Shawn Mendes is enjoying great success with the May 25 release of his self-titled third studio album, which debuted atop the Billboard 200 albums chart, becoming his third studio album to do so. Mendes will do several musical performances during his extended guest spot on "The Late Late Show." Click here to purchase tickets to see Shawn Mendes perform live on tour.