Watch Shayna Leigh's hilarious new 'Jerry Seinfeld' music video
Shayna Leigh/YouTube

Singer-songwriter Shayna Leigh has just released her fantastically entertaining music video for her single "Jerry Seinfeld," and you can watch it above. It's a video that music fans won't soon forget.

As the title indicates, Leigh has written a song that makes reference to legendary stand-up and TV star Jerry Seinfeld. But this isn't an ode to her favorite comedian; rather it's a witty commentary on how being too selective in one's romantic life isn't a character flaw. The unique idea came about when Leigh was in a writing session with award-winning producers Michael Mangini and Peter Zizzo, and when the discussion turned to dating, they compared her to Seinfeld's character from his self-titled hit NBC sitcom "Seinfeld."

"Jerry from 'Seinfeld' is known for, among other things, being incredibly picky about the women he dates and once he stumbles upon a flaw, the relationship is over," Leigh explained in an email statement to AXS. "My song began to take form when my producers quite literally started calling me Jerry Seinfeld. In an effort to write really personal material about my actual experiences as a single woman, I was telling them all about my dates. Somewhere along the lines they decided I also was too picky. "Jerry Seinfeld" is my musical rebuttal."

The song is co-written by Mangini and Zizzo, with the music video directed and edited by Leigh's longtime collaborator Virginia Crawford. Laura Steiger stars as the "Not Jerry" character, as a parade of other unique players runs through the most entertaining music video inspired by television since the Barenaked Ladies came up with their "King of the Hill" related single "Get In Line."

The New York-based Leigh released "Jerry Seinfeld' as she prepares her next EP entitled Disaster Artist for release later this year. Her debut album Drive was released in 2015 and is still available on iTunes. Prior to that record, she released two earlier EPs called The Cold Hard Truth and the Dream and Hey Shayna Leigh. The latter climbed to number two on Amazon Music's Singer/Songwriter chart and number three on the retailer's Hottest New Releases chart, per her official biography.

But "Jerry Seinfeld" represents a big step forward for Leigh. In the two years since the release of Drive she's continued to develop her sound, as well as a tongue in cheek creativity that separates her from other pop-rock singer-songwriters. Based on the imagination - and the catchy chorus - found in this new video, her next EP ought to be one to put on everyone's playlist when it arrives.

Shayna Leigh does not currently have any upcoming tour dates, but future announcements of shows related to the EP release can be found here.

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