Watch: Sia, Diplo and Labrinth’s LSD supergroup shares video for new single, ‘Audio’

LSD, the latest collaborative music group between Australian singer Sia, electronic producer/DJ Diplo and British singer/producer Labrinth, has shared a new single, simply titled “Audio.” The arrival of the new single on Thursday follows the previously-shared “Genius,” which arrived last week, and both are set to appear on the trio’s upcoming studio album, which has yet to receive a title or release date as of Thursday morning.

The song can be heard in full above to go with its equally fun, semi-animated music video. Unlike the visual accompaniment to “Genius,” the video for “Audio” brings viewers into the real world with a fast-moving storyline based around listening to the song while joyriding in a new car around Los Angeles with Diplo. Sia makes her own unique cameo in the video as an animated singing balloon, while Labrinth makes his debut LSD appearance in the video. Cartoon tigers, parking lot dance troupes and colorful animated objects can all be seen living and moving around the city streets much like some kind of, well, LSD experience. Who would’ve guessed that test-driving a musically-fueled used car could be so colorfully joyful?

While the trio continue to share their mix of psychedelic-themed videos and dance-friendly songs, fans of all three LSD artists have got to be wondering when their full album might arrive, or if they’ll be performing their music together at some point this year. With all very unique and wonderfully animated videos shared so far, LSD could almost get away with just being a cartoon-based act, similar to Gorillaz where the characterized representation of all three members is just as fun to experience as the music itself.

None of the three artists involved in the new project have any scheduled performances come up, leading fans to speculate that some select gigs in the fall or winter may be announced in the coming weeks.