Watch: Sia, Diplo and Labrinth team up for new LSD collaboration, share trippy animated video for ‘Genius’

Ever wonder what an LSD trip inspired by the music of Sia, Diplo and Labrinth would look an feel like while fun animations unfold all around you? If fans thought those weird “Rick & Morty” themed videos from Run The Jewels were cool, they’ll certainly get a kick out of the new video for “Genius,” the debut single from all three artists as part of their new collaborative trio, which is appropriately named LSD - an acronym from their professional names.

The Ben Jones-directed video was shared on Thursday morning, and can be watched in all its colorfully fun splendor above. The animated storyline was created/illustrated by artist Gabriel Alcala, and edited together by Bento Box Entertainment, the company behind “Bob’s Burgers” and Comedy Central’s “Brickleberry” series. Throughout the nearly four-minute video, animated versions of Sia and Labrinth enter worlds that only a psychotic Dr. Seuss could possibly imagine, while an equally colorful version of Diplo makes an appearance or two as well. Viewers are bombarded with an array of swirling shapes and colors while inanimate objects are brought to life to dominate the landscape of the trippy video, which certainly helps the new collaboration live up to its LSD title.

“Genius” was officially released onto major streaming platforms on Thursday morning, and according to the announcement press release, the trio’s second single, “Audio,” will arrive sometime next week. An entire album featuring all three artists is set to arrive at some point via Columbia/Records, although there were no further details regarding its release date, title or track listing.

Sia has collaborated with Diplo in the past on the track “Elastic Heart,” which also featured The Weeknd and appeared on the soundtrack to “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” back in 2013. The Australian pop singer also teamed up with Labrinth on the 2017 single, “To Be Human,” which was included on the “Wonder Woman” soundtrack when it was released almost a year ago last spring.