Watch: Slayer's Paul Bostaph breaks down favorite drum parts

Everyone knows that the drummer is the heartbeat of a great band and this certainly applies to Slayer’s Paul Bostaph.

Bostaph’s killer drums are legendary in the heavy metal world, and there are so many killer drum solos from Bostaph, that making a Top 10 list would take a month to complete. Fortunately, Bostaph has broken down his own great drum solos in a recent in a recent interview with Gear Factor, part of The Music Experience’s Squiggly program from Loudwire.

Believe it or not, his first drumming experience came when he was a young boy when his dad got him his first-ever pair of drumsticks, and he began learning how to drum listening to AC/DC records.

“My older brother had some AC/DC records and I think the record was High Voltage,” he told Loudwire. “So I started learning how to play drums to High Voltage.”

In another clip, Bostaph told the story of how he found gigs in the San Francisco Bay Area’s growing thrash scene but used his talents to be a unique drummer among that crowd. He said that a lot of the Bay Area thrash bands were sounding alike, and he wanted to do something different, which led to Bostaph developing his unique drumming style that caught the attention of Slayer.

Check out the full interview with Loudwire above.