Watch: Spafford covers Grateful Dead’s ‘The Other One’ in new live video from New Year’s Eve

Spafford is just one of the many guitar-based bands in America today who have the Grateful Dead to thank for introducing the group-style improvisation of jazz into mainstream rock culture. So it should come as no surprise that today's artists (both jam-based and not) still look to find new ways of covering Dead tunes whenever possible during shows as a way of embracing the kind of relaxed, collaborative freedom the band once enjoyed while performing live. Spafford made sure to utilize the band’s classic rock catalog during their recent New Year’s Eve run in Phoenix last month.

The four-piece rock outfit performed their version of “The Other One” – a highly psychedelic, jam-friendly rock tune from the Dead’s early years – during their NYE performance at The Van Buren on Dec. 31. The show was professionally filmed, and the band shared the video of their nearly 20-minute cover on Monday, giving young rock fans out there all the more reason to dive headfirst into the world of the Dead.

The video, which can be seen above, debuted on Monday and begins with the band playing together with some order before turning the song up a notch. The main riff of the song can be heard poking its head out from the unstructured jam around a minute into the video, and the entire band joins into the heavily psychedelic tune by the 1:30-mark. From there the song takes flight for a lengthy jam that even Jerry Garcia would be proud of.

“NYE was such a fun, loose, two nights of music,” guitarist Brian Moss said about their December run in front of their hometown fans. “We were so happy and excited to be playing in our home state of Arizona. So many people traveled so far to be there. It was amazing. We have the best fans in the world!”

Spafford released their latest studio album last year with For Amusement Only. They spent much of the fall on tour in support of the new release and will continue their concert campaign into 2019 with a run of upcoming shows scheduled to begin again on Jan. 30 in Minneapolis. Fans can click here to purchase tickets to select shows on their 2019 winter tour.