Watch: Steven Tyler looks for life beyond Aerosmith in trailer for new documentary, ‘Out on a Limb’
Momentum Pictures/YouTube

“Hi, you know me.”

There is an element of truth in the quote from Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler, which is proudly uttered by the veteran rocker within the first 10 seconds of the trailer for his new biographical documentary, "Out on a Limb.” The cheeky statement is pulled from an old promo outtake recorded back in the 1980s, when Tyler and his band were then still working their way to reclaiming their position as of the most bankable acts in American entertainment. The Tyler’s individual journey from his days as a drugged-out arena rockstar to becoming who Rolling Stone referred to on their 2011 cover story as, “America’s Sweetheart,” will surely be told with plenty of excess in the new film, which released its first official trailer earlier this week.

The two-minute promo video can be watched in full above, and one thing viewers will take in almost immediately is that trademark banshee scream of his. It’s that loud mouth of his, as Tyler confidently states above, which has been at the center (literally) of arguably the most well-known face in American rock and roll over the last 40 plus years. "Out on a Limb" will look to tell the story of the 69-year-old’s latest career move, as he creatively parts ways with Joe Perry and company in hopes of launching his new solo career within the country music landscape in the comfort of his busy twilight years.

Throughout the trailer, Tyler, who has never shied away from the glitz and glamour that comes with being a rock and roll superstar, can be seen working in the studio, performing in more intimate venues and appearing in various tabloid cover stories. He released his debut solo album back in July of 2016 with We're All Somebody from Somewhere. That same month Tyler took his new band and performed across North America on their Out on a Limb Tour, which is where the film finds its inspiration.

“Everyone wants to know ‘Why would I go country?’,” a sweaty Tyler can be heard saying over the mic during a concert featured within the trailer. “I grew up on the Everly Brothers, and if you really listen close to those Aerosmith albums, you’ll notice something in there that kind of sounded country.”

Speaking of Aerosmith, the last we heard of our classic rock heroes, they were being forced to end the South American leg of their ongoing farewell tour a few dates early for Tyler to return to the U.S. and undergo an unnamed emergency medical treatment of some kind. It’s events like that, in addition to decades of public and private infighting with Joe Perry, which has helped drive the career of one of America’s longest music success stories. With this new documentary however, it’ll now be Steven’s turn to share his side of what has surely been a wild rock and roll fantasy story.

“Out on a Limb” is currently scheduled to debut at the Nashville Film Festival on May 15. Aerosmith are also set to headline the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival in early May, before Tyler heads out on his own solo tour across North America and Europe come summer.