Watch: SZA gives impromptu performance of ‘The Weekend’ at New Jersey high school
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SZA’s name and signature vocals have been in the headlines recently, due to the young singer being forced to pull out from the T.D.E. Championship summer tour, which was reportedly a result from damaged vocal chords. As of Monday, there’s no real update as to when SZA could return to performing on stage again, but that didn’t stop her from throwing a brief sing-along to her popular ballad “The Weekend,” along with some students at her high school alma mater in New Jersey on Monday.

As Page Six reports, SZA made a surprise appearance at her old educational stomping grounds of Columbia High School in Maplewood, New Jersey on Monday to accept being inducted into the school’s hall of fame. She had graduated the school back in 2008, when she was still only known as Solana Rowe. She’s a little more popular these days, as you can hear from the enormous eruption of screams that can be heard in the video above as soon as she surprises the students and takes the podium.

“Wassup y’all?” SZA can be heard saying to an elated crowd as the arrived on stage. “When I went to this school, things were very different … We buried a lot of friends at this school [for] people who we loved and cared about, we had walk-outs at this school … We did everything we could to discover who we were.”

She also went on to connect with “anyone else who’s having a different experience at this school,” in admitting that she was “incredibly unpopular,” having been “bullied” and “jumped” during her time at Columbia High. 

The highlight of the day certainly came when the music started and SZA began performing her hit single “The Weekend” along with all the students in attendance, which, according to the videos below, sounded surprisingly good for someone going through major vocal issue at the moment. While fans who plan on attending any upcoming Championship Tour shows may be disappointed in SZA’s absence, they can all sleep well knowing that her voice - both talking and singing - sounds almost strong enough to come back at any day now.

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