Watch: Taron Egerton is introduced as Elton John in first teaser for upcoming ‘Rocketman’ biopic
Paramount Pictures/YouTube

Almost 50 years after the release of his debut studio album, British rock legend Elton John is still one of the more bankable names within mainstream pop, or as the kids would say, classic rock. Regardless of what label you want to throw on the veteran pianist and singer, one can’t deny the influence Elton John has had on millions of music fans over the decades. His story will be somewhat chronicled in a new biopic film titled “Rocketman,” which is set to arrive in theaters next spring on May 17, 2019.

The first teaser trailer for the film starring Taron Egerton was shared on Monday morning and looks to be just as exciting and dynamic as one would hope in terms of John’s wild career journey thus far. Fans can watch the new trailer in the video above.

Similar to that of the recent trailers for “Bohemian Rhapsody,” the first video promo for “Rocketman” is led mostly by the familiar opening chords to John’s 1973 hit “Benny and the Jets.” The scenes take the viewer into the recording studio, into John’s lavishly epic parties and into John’s personal struggles as one of the biggest pop stars on the planet at the height of the arena rock era. Another impressive part of the trailer is introducing Egerton as a singer while he performs the film’s title track. Oh yeah, and he has the power to levitate in the film, which was always one of John’s secret abilities that he would supposedly pull out at shows back in the early 1980s, maybe.

However fans decide to interpret and break down the first trailer for “Rocketman,” there’s no doubt that John’s popularity and star-power haven’t waned at all in the last few years. John’s biggest headline of the year so far was the announcement back in January that he would retire from touring following on final farewell tour, which was just recently extended into the fall months of next year. He also performed his famous “Circle of Life” ballad during a private reception for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding back in the spring. Clearly, John’s life hasn’t lost any of its magical spark of adventure.

While the film may not arrive until well into next year, fans can click here to buy tickets to select shows on his current farewell world tour.