Watch: Tenacious D gives epic performance of 'Wonderboy' in Washington D.C.
adam maradian/YouTube

The legendary Tenacious D rocked the nation’s capital on Wednesday night (Nov. 7), where they played their new album, Post-Apocalypto, in its entirety.  After the performance-which included visuals from the accompanying Jack Black-illustrated web-series of the same name--JB and KG took the audience on an epic journey through the foggy echoes of time.

As Jambase reported, Tenacious D filled the second set with a number of songs from their earlier albums. For the encore, The D played two classic tunes from their 2001 eponymous debut album. One of those was the superhero epic “Wonderboy,” the other’s name cannot be uttered here. You can watch Tenacious D perform “Wonderboy” in the video above.

Tenacious D is set to ring in the New Year with two shows at The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in the mythical land of Las Vegas. You can find tickets on AXS by following this link.