Watch: The Beatles’ ‘Yellow Submarine’ gets colorful new life in trailer for 50th anniversary graphic novel
Titan Comics/YouTube

Last summer it was reported that “Simpsons” comic illustrator Bill Morrison would be working with Titan Comics on a colorful new publication to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1968 animated Beatles film, “Yellow Submarine.” On Wednesday, the first promotional trailer for the psychedelic graphic novel was shared by Entertainment Weekly, and gives fans a look at Morrison’s take on the wildly fun and colorful world that was initially brought to life on the big screen back in the late 1960s.

The silent trailer can be watched above, and showcases plenty of the film’s most memorable characters and scenery, including Pepperland and its hometown heroes the Lonely Hearts Club Band, the Blue Meanies, Old Fred and of course, the Beatles themselves. For those who haven’t seen the classic animated film, the Apple-approved graphic novel version tells the story of a utopian musical world which is overrun by super oppressive, anti-music monsters named Blue Meanies. The town leaders send a character by the name of Old Fred out into the semi-real world in an actual yellow submarine in hopes of finding the members of The Beatles to help save their beloved homeland. One wildly psychedelic submarine trip later, the fab four arrive in Pepperland just in time to let the music ring out loud once again.

What made the film so memorable is certainly the psychedelic-friendly animation, which was initially created by director/animator George Dunning. The film’s arrival in 1968 came right at the heart of the Beatles’ experimental musical phase in their careers, while also connecting with a country which was well into the heart of the hippie/counterculture movement that was taking over youth culture in the latter half of the decade. The band’s latter era music mixed with the colorful and fun animations certainly made for an epic trip that only a “Yellow Submarine” could provide.

The 128-page novel, titled “The Beatles Yellow Submarine” is set to arrive later this summer on Aug. 28, and can be pre-ordered by clicking here. The film is also being re-released into theatres this summer. Fans can watch the video below to see some of the original animation in all its psychedelic glory.