Watch: The founders of Emo Nite discuss how they made emo music into a party

If you know anything about the nightlife in Los Angeles, there's a good chance that you've heard of Emo Nite. Taking place at the Echo and Echoplex in Echo Park on the east side of LA, Emo Nite has become a staple in early 20-something culture.

If you haven't been to Emo Nite—it's simple. Basically, you show up to the venue and scream the lyrics to music you played loud in your room as a preteen when you were mad at your mom. Emo Nite plays all of the nostalgic hits—from Taking Back Sunday to Hawthorne Heights, one of the most fun nights of the month is bound to make you wish you still wore that thick black eyeliner daily.

Since Emo Nite LA became to popular, the founders decided that they should make a day long event out of it. On Oct. 13, the second annual Emo Nite Day will take place at the Shrine Expo Hall, where you will get to see live sets from your favorite emo bands, including Dashboard Confessional, All Time Low, Mayday Parade and plenty more. Check out the full lineup here and watch the video above to watch the Emo Nite Founders talk about why one of their moms is proud and disappointed in his career choice and how they got where they are today. 

Grab tickets to Emo Nite Day on Oct. 13 right here on AXS.