Watch: The greatest highs of Desert Trip
Courtesy of Goldenvoice, used with permission

If only for a brief moment, Desert Trip transported everyone back the ‘60s, kind of, sort of, maybe. Despite the ‘60s being sort of a terrible time in the history of mankind (funny looking clothes, no internet) there is a sense of romantic nostalgia that still swirls around the decade, and that nostalgia hit like a battering ram when the lineup for the first-ever Desert Trip was announced. Now, with Desert Trip nearly over, we can confirm that this year’s once-in-a-lifetime mega festival brought the free love and simple times of the ‘60s back. Or, to be more exact, it brought a bunch of people who lived through those times back to attend a festival that was about as 2016 as you could get. Desert Trip came complete with not only music, but with massage parlors, sunrise yoga sessions, bougie nitro pressed coffee (whatever that means), an entire tent dedicated to the finest in craft beers, an entire section dedicated to wine tasting, and the much-vaunted “Culinary Experience” (you don’t even want to know). If anything, Desert Trip proved that a lot has changed about music festivals, especially the way people enjoy them. Watch below.