Watch: The Head & The Heart cover Sheryl Crow’s ‘Strong Enough’ in the studio
The Head and the Heart/YouTube

Sheryl Crow’s debut album, Tuesday Night Music Club, is filled with fantastic rock songs from the then-relatively unknown singer and songwriter. One of the more popular songs included on the 1993 album would be her acoustic ballad, “Strong Enough,” which has stood the test of time as a wonderful single and still finds its way into Crow’s nightly setlists more often than not. In addition to making a dent in the pop music landscape from a commercial perspective with the single reaching No. 5 on Billboard’s singles chart in the U.S. upon its release, “Strong Enough” really is a beautiful folk-rock ballad with lyrics that still resonate in 2018 just as strongly as they did a quarter-century ago. The Americana single is so strong in fact, that indie folk band The Head and the Heart decided to put their own spin on the song, which they shared through their YouTube page over the weekend.

The new Head and the Heart version of the song wasn’t released on any streaming platform, but it can be watched in the pro-shot video seen above. The video starts out with the band planning out how they’d like to perform the song in the recording studio, while Crow’s version can be heard playing in the background. The beautiful opening notes courtesy of the acoustic guitar begin right at the video’s 1:10 minute mark, with a pink-haired Charity Rose Thielen taking on the lead vocal duties. Her voice doesn’t quite have the low-end fullness or depth of Crow’s (in all fairness, who does?) But Thielen’s own unique vocal timbre offers a hauntingly lovely new spin on Crow's lyrics. The rest of the band join in for some warming harmonies just in time for the first chorus, which is followed by the smooth sound of the pedal steel to give their version that distinct addition similar to the original.

Overall, The Head and the Heart’s version of the Crow classic holds up as a wonderful version of a great tune. Fans shouldn’t be surprised if the recording even ends up appearing on the band’s next studio album, which could arrive in 2019 considering they haven’t released an album of new material since 2016’s Signs of Light. The Head and the Heart are also scheduled to headline Morrison, Colorado’s Red Rocks Amphitheatre next spring with a recently announced show set for July 17.