Watch the trailer for JAY-Z and Kanye West documentary
Channel 4/YouTube

An upcoming documentary about the relationship between Kanye West and Jay Z will be airing on the U.K.’s Channel 4 next week.  Titled, Public Enemies: Jay-Z v Kanye, the film released its first trailer on Tuesday, prior to its premiere this Monday, July 31. The documentary will look to tell the story of two of music’s biggest names from their friendship, to their differences on both business and personal levels.

As seen in the trailer above, the documentary will feature unseen footage of both Yeezy and Hova, with interviews from those in both of their inner circles or close to them. The two went from hip-hop colleagues to business partners with their 2011 co-album, Watch The Throne. The album’s promotional tour, which ran from Oct. 2011 to June 2012, would go on to become the second highest grossing hip-hop concert tour in history, grossing $75 million from a total of 63 shows.

Both Jay and Kanye have since seen their partnership and friendship dissolve over the past few years, with both their business and artistic styles seeming to clash for one reason or another.

“Jay Z is very thoughtful about money,” music journalist Touré Neblett can be heard saying in the clip. “Kanye is bended all art comes first.”

The film’s director, Nico Wasserman also added via statement, “In the process of building their empires, Jay-Z and Kanye have provided a spine tingling soundtrack for a generation. Their story goes beyond their music and has opened up discussions on everything from class barriers to mental health.”

While Kanye’s recent meltdown caused his Saint Pablo tour to end early, Jay Z made headlines last month when he released his first solo album since 2014  with 4:44. The album was released exclusively on TIDAL and reached platinum status within its first week of streams.