The storefront of Newton Electrical

The storefront of Newton Electrical


January 8, 2017 marks what would have been David Bowie’s 70th birthday. It has also been nearly a year since Bowie passed and The Prophet is still leaving us a trail of cosmic breadcrumbs. But that is all it is, a trail. We can follow, but where we go is up to us. There is “No Plan.” At midnight on the eve of Bowie’s birthday, a video was released for the Bowie tune by the same name, which first appeared as part of the Bowie penned musical “Lazarus.”

The song is from the Blackstar sessions and is classic latter day Bowie: mystical, reflective, and self-reflexive. The video opens with a look at the pallid glow of the Newton Electric storefront, a reference to Thomas Jerome Newton, the character Bowie played in in “A Man Who Fell To Earth” and who was resurrected in “Lazarus.” A group of onlookers begin to gather around the rain-streaked screens of the storefront that flash Bowie’s lyrics and images—like a rocket launch—reflecting common Bowie themes. The lyrics are enigmatic, with Bowie singing, “Here is my place without a plan,” which seems to say that you don’t need one.

Tom Hingston, who has collaborated with Bowie on previous projects, directed the video for “No Plan.” The song is part of an eponymous EP that is being released to mark Bowie’s 70th birthday. It also contains the tracks “Killing a Little Time,” “When I Met You,” and “Lazarus.” The "No Plan" EP is streaming now. You can check out the video for “No Plan” below.

Happenings will be taking place around the world to celebrate Bowie’s birthday and the one-year anniversary of his death. “Celebrating David Bowie” will be going down in New York on January 10 at Terminal 5. Click here for tickets.