Watch: The War On Drugs sow a foliage-filled friendship in new video for 'Nothing To Find'
The War On Drugs / YouTube

Sometimes all you need is a partner in crime and the open road in front of you. Such is the case in The War On Drugs' new video for their latest single, "Nothing To Find," off the recently released album, A Deeper Understanding. The Philadelphia-based indie rockers tell a tale of friendship, shoplifting and an epic road journey between a punk (actress Sophia Lillis) and her green giant in the new video, which you can watch above.

Driving an old car draped in shrubbery, the two friends begin their travels on a winding highway through hilly scenery. They stumble upon a grocery store and loot what they can, from a gallon of water (which the green man needs to survive) to cashews and fountain sodas. Along with some more watering to keep him hydrated, the green giant also receives a haircut before he and his partner take a shot at a game of pool.

After an exhausting round of dancing outdoors, the green giant begins to fade and the young girl realizes her time is up with her plant-based friend. She spends the night by his side, only to wake up with a lone vine tied around her arm as her friend has left the earth for good.

The Ben Fee-directed video is the latest in The War On Drugs' growing arsenal of nature-filled clips. The group previously released a moving video for "Holding On" in June, following a man's journey through town to capture a similar photo to the one of him and his wife in their younger years that rests at his bedside.

The War On Drugs recently made headlines for their cover of Neil Young's "Like A Hurricane" at a concert in Young's native Toronto over the weekend. They recently wrapped a lengthy North American tour but will return to the road for a short jaunt through the U.S. in December. Grab tickets to an upcoming show here