Watch: Theo Impala releases music video for 'Only You'

It was only a matter of time before the globe-trotting, Trinidadian-American artist that is Theophilus London would be releasing music. And this time around, the rapper/singer has teamed up with the Austrailian, lead instrumentalist of the psychedelic, rock group, Kevin Parker, of Tame Impala. The combination of both London and Parker have developed a newly blossoming collaborative moniker recently announced as, 'Theo Impala', at a secret show in Los Angeles. And from the sound of their latest musical offerings, the two have the potential to become household names. 

On Oct. 20, the duo debuted three new songs on Virgil Abloh's Televised Radio Beat 1 radio show and now, have debuted visuals for their 1984 synth-disco cover of "Only You" originally composed by Nigerian singer, Steve Monite. 

Sonically, the record holds true to the original offering provided by Monite with slightly crisper synthetic instrumentation following the same melodic rhythms of the original. While the video, directed by Frankie Latina, follows the same theme '80s theme of VHS-inspired, grainy imagery that creates undefined lines throughout the visuals. Light is used to provide a stark contrast in a majority of the scenes while a single woman is utilized as artistic inspiration for the lyrical content. Soft, pastel hues are used to dimly light the performance stages for London and Parker adding to the effect of '80s imagery. 

Kevin Parker recently took to his Instagram account to reveal that there is currently a limited amount of Theo Impala's cover of "Only You" currently available for purchase via MyBeBey Records right now. Check out the video for yourself, above.