Watch: Toronto artist Betty Moon releases new video for ‘Save My Soul’
Betty Moon

CASBY-nominated, Toronto/L.A.- based artist, Betty Moon, is about to release her new album, HELLUCINATION. Included, is the singer’s latest track, “Save My Soul.” In a blend of pop, rock, and dance, Moon explores the darker side of what it can be like living in a city like Hollywood.

“’Save My Soul’ is much more to me than a new single,” Moon tells AXS. “It really represents how we are all equal as a society, and share some of the same challenges; just manifested in different forms. The music video shows two different women with a different status, but both are soul-searching and finding true meaning and purpose. They are connected visually by shopping carts.”

The singer says that the music video was fun to make and pushed her outside of her comfort zone in many ways to tell this story. “The end scene at the beach was a blast, and the dance represents finding that happiness that brings us all together,” said Moon. “We shot the video over a couple of days here in the L.A. area, and I'm excited for the world to see it.”

Check out the video to Betty Moon’s “Save My Soul” up above. You can find her latest on iTunes and Spotify. Visit her website for more.