Watch: U2 performs live rarity 'Dirty Day' for first time in 25 years
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As U2 prepares to wrap the last leg of their Experience + Innocence world tour, they're definitely not coasting down the home stretch, surprising their fans with extraordinarily deep cuts, as witnessed by their hometown fans in Dublin on Friday night when the rockers performed "Dirty Day" for the first time in 25 years.

Introducing the Zooropa track to the audience, lead singer Bono took a moment to discuss growing up in Ireland in the 70's and how U2's members used the band as a way to escape a variety of things - including the control of their fathers (the patriarch commentary should come as no surprise since the song's lyrics include "From father to son/In one life has begun/A work that's never done/Father to son").

"U2 was our way of getting out from their shadow. To be different to them," said the singer. "Our way of saying to our fathers, 'I'm not like you.'"

Directing the audience's attention to the overhead screen which projected images of each band member's father, Bono then lovingly spoke of his father during U2's early days.

"Now my father Bob - he didn't take me too seriously. He knew. He could see I was doing a great job of that myself," chuckled Bono. "But he did give me a lot of advice. You know, I can still hear his voice when I sing." (When Bono's father passed in 2001, the singer infamously claimed that his vocal range changed from a baritone to a tenor due to a gift from his father).

While "Dirty Day" might have seemed like it would be a brief respite being sandwiched between "Beautiful Day" and "Zoo Station" on their setlist, U2 ran through the chorus, returning to their 4-piece-rock-band-selves as Bono continued to reflect on their fathers and the need to escape.

"If only my father wasn't at the front door, in my way. Except he wasn't in my way, " said Bono. "But in fact, I think he just wanted solid ground for his son....You see, Bob thought to dream was to be disappointed. He didn't want that for me. So tonight, in his hometown I want to thank him for his patience."

U2 wraps up their Experience + Innocence word tour in Berlin on Nov. 13.