Watch: Vulfpeck shares video for 'It Gets Funkier IV' featuring Louis Cole of KNOWER

The beastly funk outfit known as Vulfpeck is back with yet another installment in their “It Gets Funkier” song series. The track, “It Gets Funkier IV,” and it’s accompanying video feature some frantic antics from Jack Stratton on the funky clavinet. Vulf also welcomes special guest Louis Cole from KNOWER on drums. 

The other Vulfmen are there as well: Theo Katzman on baritone guitar, Woody Goss on organ and Joey Dart on bass along with longtime Vulfpeck collaborators guitarist Cory Wong and sax man Joey Dosik on piano. A commenter on YouTube noted that if it gets any funkier “it'll violate several articles of the Geneva Convention.” You can check out the video for “It Gets Funkier IV” above.

Vulfpeck is set to release their fourth full-length, Hill Climber, on Dec. 7. In September the band released two videos for the Hill Climber tracks “Soft Parade” and “Lost My Treble Long Ago.” You can watch them on AXS by following this link.

Electro-funk duo KNOWER is set to play the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles on Dec. 8. Click here for tickets.